Financing Programs According to US MED Capital

Take Your Business to The Next Level!     US MED Capital provides healthcare providers with the cash flow they need to grow with our innovative insurance factoring and financing solutions. When you have limited access to financing, we can assist by increasing your cash flow. In today’s economy, many healthcare providers are in need […]

Medical Factoring Explained

Medical factoring is a financial transaction in which a healthcare provider sells its medical insurance accounts receivables (insurance remittances) at a discount to a financing company. Medical invoice factoring is very straightforward. However, many factoring companies will try to confuse or mislead by offering you a low discount rate (factor fee) and adding additional fees into their […]

How the Healthcare Industry is Affected by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t just a danger to human wellbeing, but also to the economy. For some individuals, the effect has been terrible as occupations have been lost and organizations have shut. For the HealthCare industry, the impacts have been less obvious. Health Care Providers have either been helped or hurt by COVID-19. How US MED Capital is Coping US […]

Healthcare EFT standard

The standard allows providers to request that claims payments be made using EFTs instead of paper checks–that is, electronically transferred from the insurer to the provider’s bank account via ACH, similar to direct deposit. Health plans are required, by law, to comply. Converting to EFTs via ACH can result in substantial cost and time savings […]

Healthcare Industry and Merchant Cash Advances Don’t Mix

Healthcare businesses accepting insurance payments and a merchant cash advance don’t mix. Many healthcare businesses that need cash today consider using a merchant cash advance also known as MCA loan or MCA advance as a source of credit. This financing option is very high risk and not recommend and should only proceed if you have […]