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Healthcare Advance Program

Healthcare Advance Program


One of the benefits of being a US Med Capital customer we will assist you in getting rid of those MCA loans. Our Healthcare Advance Program is exclusively for our factoring clients that have existing merchant cash advances offering to refinance or consolidate existing advances.

Unlike a traditional merchant cash advance that does not work to your benefit, hurts your business and does not help it in anyway shape or form. Our Healthcare Advance Program will payoff your existing merchant cash advances and start saving you money, 20% to 50% of your MCA payments and no more daily payments.

US MED Capital provides medical insurance receivables financing for medical practices and healthcare businesses. Our program is designed to free up more capital to help you grow your business. Our products are offered to all medical and healthcare businesses operating in the United States that accept healthcare insurance (private, commercial, government including Medicare and Medicaid).




US Med Capital can get your merchant cash advances consolidated or refinanced  through our medical receivables financing program.

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