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Medical Insurance Receivables Financing Program

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As the healthcare industry continues to expand cash flow for healthcare providers, is unpredictable and can be inconsistent. Insurers carriers turn around can take up to 90 days or longer to issue payment, making it more difficult to manage your cash flow, operate your business efficiently, deal with growth and any unaccepted issues that may arise.

Medical Receivables Financing

US Med Capital’s Medical Receivables Financing Program provides instant capital to small healthcare businesses and providers that accept commercial and or government insurance including Medicaid and Medicare with a minimum of $10,000 in monthly eligible insurance receivables.

Our financing program is an asset based factoring facility that fast-tracks payments from insurance companies by allowing US MED Capital to purchase your eligible insurance receivables with an average advance rate of 80% and attractive terms.

US MED Capital offers additional financial services exclusively to our clients providing growth and stability.

Revenue Cycle Management

US MED Capital’s Revenue Cycle Management Solutions improves financial performance, so you can maximize the efficiency of your healthcare business and focus on what you do best taking care of your patients.

Our revenue cycle management solution augments the administrative and financial functions associated with your healthcare business providing the ability to correctly process insurance Information, accounts receivable management, billing and collections and eliminating aged and non-performing A/R.

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Medical Receivables Financing

Bridge Your Cash Flow Gap

Managing Cash Flow
Buying Inventory
Making payroll

Get an asset based factoring facility,
monthly funding from $10K–$500K

Take your business to the next level
Fast, Simple, Secure Funding Solution

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Revenue Cycle Management

Improve Cash Flow and Profitability

Increase Revenue
Improve Payment Process
Reduced A/R over 90 days
Eliminate Non-performing A/R

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Improve Financial Performance

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Why choose US MED Capital over any other lender?

Easy & Fast Approval Process
Apply in as little as 5 minutes, receive a same day approval. Minimal documentation requested; no personal financial statements needed.

Flat Rate No Hidden Fees
Our rates are final no hidden fees or last minute changes we provide you with a flat rate, so you know what your cost of capital is and not having to guess every month what your factoring company is charging you.

Subordinate to SBA & Bank Loans
Are you thinking of getting a SBA or bank loan or you already have loan? Don’t worry you can still factor your receivables with us.

We Become Part of Your Team
When you become a client of US Med Capital, we become part of your team assisting you in growing your business.


How to compare medical receivables financing and factoring offers

The choice to use factoring to improve and increase your cash flow is essential. Selecting the best financing or factoring company can be challenging.

Comparing the fees and rate is only one way to evaluate the affordability of a factoring facility with so many different terms and types of financing available. In addition to the fees and rate, understanding the total cost of capital. This will help you determine if the factoring facility will help increase your return on investment (ROI) or add financial strain on your business.

While keeping in mind that the fees and rates charged is a primary consideration, it is important that you compare all aspects of the financing and factoring arrangement and funding process including the purchase agreements.

If you need help reviewing any offers from other lenders and factoring companies that you have received our business advisors can assist you in selecting the best financing solution that best fits your businesses needs.

Don’t forget to ask

  • What is the total cost of capital (including interest expense, origination fees, along with any other fixed fees)?
  • What is the Annual Factor Fee or interest rate?
  • Does the factor require minimum factoring fees?
  • What is the total factor fee or interest rate amount paid per dollar borrowed (cents on the dollar)

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