SBA Loan Program

Medical Practice and Healthcare Business

Take your Medical Practice or Healthcare Business to the next level with an SBA Loan! Standard 7(a) Loan Program. The SBA’s most popular and most general loan program, good for working capital. 7(a) Small Loan. A 7(a) loan up to $350,000 that’s typically faster to fund. SBA Loan Requirements our SBA loan application will require a lot of paperwork and details, so we recommend allowing at least six weeks for the application process before you need cash in hand. If you need funding immediately don’t worry, we can provide you with bridge. SBA requirements are heavy on paperwork and detail, so your best bet is to get organized and have all the documentation ready to go in advance. And if you’re looking for no document business loans or something close to it, the SBA probably won’t be your best avenue for funding.