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Medical Factoring

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Medical Practice Factoring
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Medical Practice A/R Factoring


What You Get From Medical Factoring!

Unlike Healthcare factoring, medical factoring involves a third party payer who works within the medical industry. Moreover, these third party payers are usually private insurance companies or government bodies, like Medicare or Medicaid. Above all, US Med Capital works with the most reliable and efficient factoring brokers to bring together medical factoring companies and healthcare business. Hence, the beneficiary in this type of factoring is the medical provider.

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Now that you are aware of the help you can get whenever you are low on funds, here are the documents you will need to start the application process:

  • US Med Capital medical factoring application
  • List of government and insurance companies
  • Current accounts receivables and payables reports
  • Balance sheet with the latest profit and loss statements


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The Medical Accounts Receivable Process

  • For any and all the medical services performed, the medical service provider sends the invoice to the third party payer.
  • The factoring firms receives a copy of the invoices from the medical service provider.
  • Of the total collectible value, the factor pays 80% to 90% of that total amount directly into the medical service provider’s bank account.
  • It takes 2 to 3 days for the application to be accepted and the funds transferred
  • In a case where the provider was not billed correctly or the bills did not get paid, the remaining 10% to 20% are kept as buffer by the medical factor
  • Moreover, after receipt of the payments, the medical provider receives the reserve, minus the factoring fee

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What are the benefits of a factoring your insurance receivables?
paid immediately no longer waiting 30, 60, 90+ days to get paid.

Grow your medical practice or healthcare business


Augment Cash Flow

Augment Cash Flow


Medical Practice Advertising and Marketing

Advertising & Marketing


Medical Practice Acquisition and Expansion



Hiring & Training Staff

Hiring & Training


Open a new location

Open a New Location


Purchase Equipment/Inventory

Purchase Equipment/Inventory



Medical Practices & Healthcare Businesses Can Benefit From Factoring Receivables.

Medical service providers who receive payments on a regular basis from insurance companies and Medicare EFTs. Pain Clinics, Surgical Centers, Ambulatory Centers, Pharmacies, Emergency Clinics. Private practices like plastic surgeons, dentists, veterinarians and orthodontists.

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  • Your social security number
  • Your federal tax ID number
  • Most recent 6 months of your business bank statements and A/R report by provider.

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Medical Factoring
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