Medical Factoring with US MED Capital

Factor your Medical Insurance Accounts Receivables for Business Growth Medical factoring with US MED Capital assists healthcare providers to deliver quality care through recognized financial management solutions.

Medical accounts receivable factoring advances funds to healthcare providers that bill third-party insurance carriers. Insurance payors include commercial insurance, private insurance, and government insurance companies, including Medicare, and Medicaid.

What are the Requirements for Medical Insurance Accounts Receivable Factoring?
Healthcare providers billing 3rd party insurance payors $10,000 or greater each month.

Our medical factoring program sidesteps the complex billing configurations and provides funds to the healthcare provider within days verses months.

What are Medical Accounts Receivable Financing?
There are two types of receivables that are considered for financing, healthcare insurance receivables payable by insurance companies and government agencies like Medicare and Medicaid. Commercial insurance accounts receivables like Blue Shield Blue Cross, Etna, Humana, and the list goes on and on.

US MED Capital

US Med Capital’s Medical Insurance Receivables Program provides capital to medical providers and healthcare businesses that accept commercial and government insurance. We understand the financial complexities associated with the healthcare industry, our Medical Factoring Program will improve the consistency of your cash flow and increase your bottom line.


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