Medical Factoring Explained

Medical factoring is a financial transaction in which a healthcare provider sells its medical insurance accounts receivables (insurance remittances) at a discount to a financing company.

Medical invoice factoring is very straightforward. However, many factoring companies will try to confuse or mislead by offering you a low discount rate (factor fee) and adding additional fees into their contracts that may not seem like a lot of money but it adds up because it is per invoice/remittance that you are getting charged. At US MED Capital you will receive a flat rate discount fee (factor fee) with no hidden or junk fees charged.

Be sure to ask your factoring company to review and explain all of the fees being charges and what that equivalates to a percentage, and don’t forget to ask about how to cancel your contract and what it will cost you to get out.

Below is the medical factoring process explained.


medical insurance receivables payment cycle


Why US MED Capital?

US Med Capital’s Medical Insurance Receivables Program provides capital to medical providers and healthcare businesses that accept commercial and government insurance. We understand the financial complexities associated with the healthcare industry, our Medical Factoring Program will improve the consistency of your cash flow and increase your bottom line.

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