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Line of Credit

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Business Line of Credit
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Medical Practice and Healthcare Business
Factoring Line


Advantages of a Line of Credit
There are many ways you can borrow money in order to help with your finances, however, the problem is that you get the whole amount at once, even though it may turn out that you only needed some of it. In a nut shell US Med Capital offers a service that can give you access to money which you can use only when you need it.

Likewise, with line of credit you can pay for almost anything when the need arises. If you are dealing with an unexpected expense, having a line of credit will ensure that you have access to immediate funds. It is a kind of an ‘on demand’ service. Hence, you can use as little or as much as possible within your credit limit.

Usually banks or credit unions offer this service. However, in case of the healthcare industry, you can apt for a trusted direct lender, like US Med Capital. With us, you can rest assured that you will be able to access the required capital in a fast-flexible manner.


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What are the benefits of a healthcare line of credit
Low interest rates, access to capital when required, easy payments, only pay back when you use the funds, and much much more.

Grow your medical practice or healthcare business


Augment Cash Flow

Augment Cash Flow


Medical Practice Advertising and Marketing

Advertising & Marketing


Medical Practice Acquisition and Expansion



Hiring & Training Staff

Hiring & Training


Open a new location

Open a New Location


Purchase Equipment/Inventory

Purchase Equipment/Inventory



Medical Practices & Healthcare Businesses Can Benefit From a Business Line of Credit.

Medical service providers who receive payments on a regular basis from insurance companies and Medicare EFTs. Pain Clinics, Surgical Centers, Ambulatory Centers, Pharmacies, Emergency Clinics. Private practices like plastic surgeons, dentists, veterinarians and orthodontists.



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  • Your social security number
  • Your federal tax ID number
  • Most recent 6 months of your business bank statements and Aging report by provider.

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