Healthcare Industry and Merchant Cash Advances Don’t Mix

Healthcare businesses accepting insurance payments and a merchant cash advance don’t mix. Many healthcare businesses that need cash today consider using a merchant cash advance also known as MCA loan or MCA advance as a source of credit. This financing option is very high risk and not recommend and should only proceed if you have no other options. Yes you can get a lump sum of money from an MCA company in 24 hours and pay a very high rate over a short period of time. Have no misunderstanding this Is not a loan with monthly payments over a long period of time. This is a short term advance with a high rate and daily payments that are automatically deducted from your bank account.

Don’t put yourself in a situation that you feel you have no other option and you need a merchant cash advance today; it is a very short term fix with long term repercussions.

US MED Capital understands the healthcare industry and how insurance carriers payout, having to wait 30 to 120 plus days to get paid will cause some difficulties. Before you jump into the unknown with a merchant cash advance speak with one of our business advisors about our medical receivables financing program. Our programs will help you sustain and grow your business.