Factoring for Healthcare Services

Factoring for Healthcare Services


The Break Down:

A healthcare vendor sends the invoices to a medical provider for services.

The healthcare vendor then submits a copy of those invoices in addition to any supporting documentation to a medical factoring company.

The medical factoring company then takes the invoices and advances of their fee value.


The funds are then deposited directly into the vendor’s bank account.


The medical factoring company will use the remaining percentage of their fee value as a contingence to avoid late or billing errors.


The factoring fee is then released back to the vendor upon payments from the medical providers.


US MED Capital Factoring


US Med Capital’s Medical Insurance Receivables Program provides capital to medical providers and healthcare businesses that accept commercial and government insurance. We understand the financial complexities associated with the healthcare industry, our Medical Factoring Program will improve the consistency of your cash flow and increase your bottom line.


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