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Medical Practice and Healthcare Business Loans
Business loans designed for doctors and healthcare professionals

Give Your Business the Relief It Needs!
At US Med Capital, we know how hard it can be to manage your own medical practice. Even though it is a rewarding experience, you need capital to ensure that you can get the best equipment, hire new staff, or even expand to a bigger better location. If you are lacking the funds for of these things, you need to get in touch with us right away!

Simple easy process to get funded. Apply through our secure application process, receive your approved offer up to 48 hours, and get funded up to $250,000.


Grow your medical practice or healthcare business


Augment Cash Flow

Augment Cash Flow


Medical Practice Advertising and Marketing

Advertising & Marketing


Medical Practice Acquisition and Expansion



Hiring & Training Staff

Hiring & Training


Open a new location

Open a New Location


Purchase Equipment/Inventory

Purchase Equipment/Inventory



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A Business Loan With Full Flexibility!

US Med Capital offers businesses in the health care sector the opportunity to grow or sustain their services through our business loan program. If you need the funds, you can get them fast and easy!

From doctors to medical practices to dentists to healthcare centers to specialized laser surgery centers, if you need access to fast working capital then you have come to the right place. We at US Med Capital know how challenging it can be to run a business in the healthcare sector. Often times even the ones that are performing well need access to fast capital. This is something we can help you with!

Rather than focusing on your personal credit, we base our loan services on your business. When you come to us, we walk you through the whole process and if you have any queries, we make sure that our finance experts clear all doubts you may have. You don’t have to pay anything to apply so all you have to do is complete the form and submit the required documents for us to get started with the application. Once the application has been processed, we can get you the funds on the same business day!


Medical Practices & Healthcare Businesses Can Benefit From a Business Loan.

Medical service providers who receive payments on a regular basis from insurance companies and Medicare EFTs. Pain Clinics, Surgical Centers, Ambulatory Centers, Pharmacies, Emergency Clinics. Private practices like plastic surgeons, dentists, veterinarians and orthodontists.

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  • Your social security number
  • Your federal tax ID number
  • Most recent 6 months of your business bank statements and full aging report

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